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1) Proton Exora 1.6 Standard MT – RM59,998.00 (CPS Manual)
2) Proton Exora Bold 1.6 Executive MT – RM70,998.00 (CPS Manual)
3) Proton Exora Bold 1.6 Executive AT – RM74,998.00 (CPS Automatik 4AT)
4) Proton Exora Bold 1.6 Premium CVT – RM79,998.00 (CFE + CVT)
5) Proton Exora Prime – RM88,998.00 (CFE + CVT)                                                                                                                                                                        

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JB 第一个小TT - 3 辆bold+1个美腿。。。

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Bold CFE 引擎结构:

Proactive Magazine Page42 开始

以下是来只proton punch supplier对我们CVT的解答:

QUOTE (ntc2000 @ Mar 20 2012, 03:02 PM) *
hi Kristof bro,

I have several question regarding CVT for exora bold(CVT3) and saga flx (CVT2):

1) I notice that exora bold still roll back on even slight /gradual slope(not-too-steep slope). Normal auto gear vehicle only will roll back when the slope is too steep, if it is not steep enough, it's will lock at there. Is there anyway to make CVT lock it when reach slight/gradual slope? It is kinda dangerous esp for new driver.
You are correct. This is a know "issue", but is a design feature actually. Two things contribute to this:
First thing is what we call idle neutral, unlike all regular older AT's that have a constantly dragging torque converter or clutch, we open our clutch (a wet clutch, more pressure = more drag, even more pressure closes it) almost completely when you are pressing the brake and standing still. this way fuel is saved. If you release the brake a little time is needed to apply pressure to our clutch again. that is when you roll back a little, rollback only occurs on hills steeper than 10%.
secondly the engine cannot deliver a lot of power idling, when aircon is on, heavy car, on a hill, we can start closing the clutch in order not to roll back, but that will cause the engine to stall. When you apply trottle you will notice first the clutch opens a little bit so engine revs up, than we start closing the clutch, during revving up, you can encounter rollback.

What to do? use handbrake in stead of brake, this way we not shift to neutral (we only read regular brake signal not handbrake), use enough trottle, this way the engine produces engough power to close the clutch in one move.

2) A lot bashes arguing CVT from proton will end up like honda city CVT, after few year, this cvt gb will fail and it's will cost a bomb for us to replace the CVT GB. Can you describe a bit on punch CVT and it's reliability issue?

We are looking into this, we do know income in malaysia is not like europe meaning people will choose repaired or reconditioned gearboxes above new ones. Possibility is that Punch will open a local brand to recondition gearboxes and sell at prices comparable to normal AT ones. As you know our gearboxes are tested till 250000km.
3) A lot people(those basher) condemning on rubberband effect for proton CVT compare to those conti CVT(multitronic and etc). Rubberband effect quite obvious for punch CVT.

Rubberband effect is from CVT's that existed 30 years ago, we use a steel belt so not applicable.
4) Overheat issue on CVT2. There is rumours saying that Saga FLX always break down due to CVT2 overheat. Is there any solution already?

We use a wet clutch, when you would move uphill at very low speeds it would slip almost constantly. We cool this clutch with CVT oil, this is pumped trough the clutch by our CVT pump, this pump is directly connected to the engine. So yes, when not driving as you should with a CVT (and you cannot know this as this is new) you can overheat it. Please compare to manual, if you would keep it on a hill only using the clutch you would burn it.

What to do? avoid long slipping clutches by applying enough throttle when moving uphill, the engine will produce enough power for us to close fast without long slipping period. Shift to N when you can, this will have a cooling effect on the CVT, if possible in N apply little throttle till lets say 1500rpm, this will rev up the pump and increase cooling.
these tips are only for extreme conditions! all other condition drive as you want!
Our CVT's are tested under extreme temperatures! Worst case scenario clutch will open, resulting in no drive as we measure temperature and in order not to break the CVT we will open clutch. You will have to wait a few moments, key on and off and there you go again, this is no breakdown!

5) [Tourist bro question] I sat in a Bold and notice when moving away from stationary (not very aggressive driving), there are lots of dull humming or booming noise coming from the dashboard or gear lever area. It goes away when car is up to speed.

But I distantly remember sitting in another Bold before and don't recall hearing these noise in the other Bold. Are all Bold the same or some are simply quieter than the others?

It's different per Bold, it is dashboard assembly I am afraid. Primes seem to be even more sensitive than bold.
Actually engine is loaded at that time and as RPM is low it will vibrate, as a result the dashboard will vibrate and that is what you hear. This should be an easy fix for a dealer in my opinion.

Thank you

QUOTE (yellowbox @ Mar 20 2012, 11:12 PM)
Hi kristof,

Questions related to Exora CFE:

1) You have mentioned that the clutch is almost completely open while standing still with D engaged, is this the prime reason of slight lagging when slowly pressing the gas to move?

yes, if you release the brake and immediately press the gas, this is the case. It is always better not to press the gas immediately unless you have to (uphill), you will notive less delay. That it isn't superagressive at launch (if you would mean this by lag) is calibration, it is to preserve both engine and CVT. it is called torque reduction, the engines power delivery is minimized, although full trottle.

2) Could you give some advices/tips in using CVT when going uphill (e.g. Genting Highland)? Also does it have engine-breaking effect when coming down?
yes it has an automatic engine braking, but only when trottle completly released. Even more engine braking can be applied by putting transmission in L mode. Also for uphill L mode comes in handy, lower ratio, more pulling power!Thanks.

QUOTE (ntc2000 @ Mar 20 2012, 11:14 PM)
Is there anyway to avoid CVT failure like honda city/jazz? Any special thing need to take care in order to longer the lifespan of punch CVT?
need your expertise how to take care on punch CVT GB.

Nothing really special, just drive and enjoy. If would have to say one thing it is to let it build up it's clutch pressure after releasing brake or putting in D before going on throttle, that will be better for clutch.


QUOTE (pgkia @ Mar 21 2012, 08:52 AM)
Need more specific info on the following:
1) Do we know when the cluth is fully open? is there an indication or behaviour that we can observe? i do not know what you mean, only open in N, almost open but small drag in D on brake, more drag (causing creep speed) in D off brake
2) as you said "when you would move uphill at very low speeds it would slip almost constantly", how slow is the slow (car speed and engine rev)? speeds under 10kph
3) The tips in the "what to do" is for extreme conditions. could you elaborate more on the conditions? Conditions where with manual car you would get in trouble, there is no real circumstances i can give you
4) When u said the CVT is tested under extreme temperature, how extreme is it? We do summer and wintertests, wintertests go up to -40degree, summer tests are extreme high temps and mountains.
5) If the car is in extreme condition, i believe the CVT oil might be degraded earlier than expected. Is there a way for us to check if the CVT oil is still at its functional condition to lub and cool the CVT? You cannot check but there is no need to. 60000km is fine as in service manual. (or 2 years)

I am currently driving a Honda City with CVT and it is working fine after 150k+ km. it has the idle neutral behaviour as you mentioned above. As we know, City CVT is not supplied by Punch. Thus, i want to make sure i drive like what Punch recommends in order to get the best out the CVT, yet with minimal wear and tear. i am getting my Exora soon in the next 2-3 weeks.


QUOTE (pgkia @ Mar 21 2012, 09:33 AM)
ok..i think i am getting clearer picture....
1) cluth fully open in N, minor drag when in D and accelerating, more drag when in D and brake applied (engine brake).
2) i think it is unlikely that we go uphill with the speed of <10kph

The CVT overheat issue, if i understand correctly from your replies, mainly touching on the cluth. In worst case, the cluth will open to avoid further damage. So, the CVT(belt, "gear") remains safe. Is that right?
Temperature build up in clutch is the problem, that is why it opens. Gears, belt, are not sensitive to these temperatures.

So, the cluth is a wear and tear stuff then? how frequent it needs to be replaced? It is designed to equal normal lifetime of a car.

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Bold CFE 的问题:


你们的engine number是S4PHRV2000 之前吗?
ntc2000 发表于 28-2-2012 05:51 PM

我有post在EOCM 问他们。。。 他们人多,大概有38辆bold 了,一些也是中那个问题。
这个问题已经rectify, 应该有solution了。。
S4PHRU XXXX - RU是高风险群。
ntc2000 发表于 28-2-2012 09:17 PM

* note utk kawan2:
cara nak kenal pasti enjin anda dikelompok mana:
1) abaikan 4 aksara pertama "S4PH", tgk 6 aksara terakhir "running number"
2) sempadan enjin2 selamat yg berkod RV2000 dan keatas. contoh RV2001, RW0001 ...
3) yg berisiko, contoh RV1999, RU0001, RT0001 ...

* note penting:
kelompok berisiko tidak semestinya akan ada masalah ni.

SC test了说已经没有怪声了,我也有试停一阵子才start,暂时也没听到那个声音。还要monitor两,三天才能真正的拍板close case。
Repair quality方面还可以接受,engine compartment还算整齐,没有说东一堆油迹西一堆油迹,但是他们也不会好到拿片布来跟你稍为抹一抹engine的上面部分。大力lap油还算顺畅。
重点来了。祸首到底是什么东西呢?原来只是一个小小的“one way valve“坏掉,应该是引擎装配的时候workmanship不好,伤到valve里面的bearing,造成流入VVT那带的油由此valve回流。就是说引擎关了后,VVT那边本来应该一直要有机油的慢慢变乾,时间越长当然越不妙咯。结果怪声就在VVT缺乏机油的情形下发了出来。事情的始末大概就是这样。
SC只是换掉这粒valve,老实说我是有点担心camshaft或者真正的engine valve已经多多少少磨损了一些。心痛啊!
下面是“one way valve“的庐山真面目,昨天偷拍到的。我有捉在手上,里面有spring, 但没看到bearing。很小粒而已,大概只有1.5cm长

lcw6567 发表于 29-2-2012 09:31 PM [/quote]

   - VCT问题,control crankshaft timing 的一个sensor。 也叫SC check Oil Control Valve。 OCV有在recall list 里。

boost meter现在有很多不用拉light swicth的了。。我用的是水货defi。。就黑黑给电了才有灯那种。。买料给acc佬拉应该不会贵。。我是diy啦。。不用动电板的。。。
当你装了boost meter就会慢慢明白它的原理的啦。。因为看得到boost几时来。。。

还有一样东西。。如果各位车主有看到我这回复的话哦。。如果可以。。一定要装个oil catch tank。。因为今天拆了filter的喉发现里面很多油。。还有turbo的嘴头那里也有。。这些油如果干了会硬化。。对turbo不好。。要turbo耐的话就只好装一个。。现在有便宜的几十块左右。。请大家关注。。。。

4)我的情况:当车走动时,brake pad 好像放不完酱, tayar 碰撞东西发出所 Drrr..Drrrrrr..这样的声音 (pc_tech)
Part No.             Item
PW828545     Strut mount assy

5)Recall list
- reverse camera lcd - PW940152
- oil control valvee - PW812537

6)Dashboard 有杂音。。。 DIY在143页。

7)花了半天。 修和换了以下的零件。(city2806)
1)To check sterring not align- replace sterring rack.
2) To check coolant leaking - adjust pipe coolant.

00002: Gear Compl, Power Steering
P: PW827161 - Gear Compl, Power steering.
P: PE70021895 - ATF - XP3
S: 8860003007 - Alignment
L: 37405010 - Steering Gear Assy (Rack & Pinion)

Charge: FOC. Warranty claim.
认识了 proton powertrain CVT supplier。。。
有什么cvt问题,可以给我知道,我会email 他。。。 他本身也是驾bold CFE, 他进来我的autoworld贴给feedback了。

huy all,

I am Kristof, Belgian, living in Malaysia and working for Punch Powertrain (CVT supplier) as manager customer care Proton.

You can ask me all CVT related questions.

First answer is on the Reverse sound. Don't worry there is absolutely nothing wrong with your gearbox.
We use a planetary gear set that reverses the engine movement to our gearbox. This planetary set contains small gears that run at higher rpm in reverse, that is the sound you hear. It should be in your owners manual as well.
As soon as you start reversing slowly the sound gets less.


problem above from engine noise can be one way valve but in my case it was OCV valve. the noise was mechanical and only at coldstart.

Proton is aware and as i know all persons very well, you can be sure that if there is a real issue there will be a reaction or a recall. You have to take into account that they have to develop a complete proven counterneasure before recall.
Don't be mistaken, clients do not always see this but you are number one for Proton!
Not all info reaches dealers however as it should. Best thing to do is ask dealers to contact the GAS team from Proton, they will personally take care of real issues, but please do not abuse for small matters!


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从jb - kl 全程highway 是319.2km = RM 54.61 差不多是 0.17  (时速 110- 140kmh)
然后 从kl 到 cameron 再回 kl  有走一点city大多数是highway和爬山 458 km = RM85.36 大概 0.18
288.1km 刚打满RM72.02 全程city

2/4 - RM0.18/KM, 也是 50% - 50%
第八桶油, RM75, 50%CITY 50%HIGHWAY - 380KM 还剩70KM+ = RM0.19/KM

ntc2000 - Full City 100% - RM88 打满 -- 323.1km
highway+urban road (70%-30%)-- 390km,full city -- 168km, total 458km --〉RM92
ntc2000[26/3] - Full City 100% (kl 塞车)- RM89 打满 ---〉312km
ntc2000[1/4] - RM92 - 460.3km (50% city, 50% highway)
ntc2000[8/4] - 50% city 50% highway --> 430km -->RM 89
ntc2000【14/4】 --》 50% city 50% highway --》430km --》 RM88 petronas 【表写还可以走128km】
ntc2000[19/4] - 50% city 50% highway --> 454.3km -->RM 95 petronas【表变成‘---’ 然后一直闪,亮灯。】
ntc2000[22/4] - 50% city 50%highway --> 420km --> RM86 petronas (top speed 160km/h)
ntc2000 29/4 - 50% city 50%highway --> 420km --> RM90 bhp
ntc2000 4/5 - 50% city 50%highway --> 430.4km --> RM86.05 petronas
ntc2000 6/5 - 50% city 50% highway --> 430.9km --> RM90.05 petronas -->上来kl, 150km 才落一格, 表写还可以走550km。
ntc2000 13/5 - 70% city 30%highway --> 380km --> RM85 bhp


highway --〉390+100=490km
kl(90%city+塞车)满缸shell rm88。。油剩7xkm。。嘻嘻。。真的给我fight到400km

油耗在 RM0.21 之间。90% highway,10% 普通 city 驾驶。
16/5 - 我最新的油耗,42%高路,58%城市。80马币大元走了378公里。
平均 21.1 仙每公里。不错不错,比起 100%城市 30仙每公里的耗油量,差很多耶。

Toyfan[27/3] - Full City 100% + 40%塞车(kl +LDP )- RM81 打满 ---〉415km
toyfan [20/4] - 50% city 50% highway --> 470km -->RM 91.20

我的一半City(顺顺的,没有塞车)一半highway都要RM0.225,他的Full City RM80跑350也是RM0.225算很省了。
full city JB RM0.28,RM95只跑了340KM


superhome2011 (Bold Exe
RM88。30%highway + 70% city(6天)408.3km= RM0.215
7/5 - 分享下我车的耗油量:3天PUCHONG内区走(96%塞车情况上下班)+单程由PUCHONG回怡保(3个大人+后面座装满东西+速度跑130-170km/h试车)+怡保内区走半天(45%塞车)旅程410km,昨天回来PUCHONG前打油RM80=RM0.195。
21/5 - 我的Exora Bold Executive CPS这次耗油量最省。100% City(96%塞车情况上下班) RM88 / 390KM / RM0.225。剩65km可以走。
28/5 - 分享下我车的耗油量:6天PUCHONG内区走(96%塞车情况上下班)+单程由PUCHONG回怡保(3个大人+后面座装满东西+速度跑110-130km/h)+旅程430km。打油RM81=RM0.188,剩68km可以跑。这次内区10/12  - 80%+20%Highway,有430km/RM81,对我的CPS来说是很省了,很开心!我越来越喜欢我的"大马铃薯"了
目前100%PUCHONG市区内驾驶都是在RM91 / 400KM / 0.22, 剩70多左右可以走。
回家乡单旅程包括在怡保内区走(50%Highway+50%城市+4个大人及整辆东西) 是RM88 / 510km / rm0.172 , 剩70多左右可以走。

5xx km 了!40% city + 60% highway 大概也是 rm= 0.21
19/5 - 最新油耗! rm 0.18   30% city 70% highway

75%City -> 440km, 50.38L, RM95.73 (ODO <800kms)
100% City, 51.78L, 369kms => 7.1km/L, 14L/100km

KL~~~so far mileage 1600km , FC 11l/100km~~~
80km/h cruise on highway,4l/100km

447km = RM 84.07 = 0.18 20% city 80% highway 这次有用L mode
最新油耗:440km = RM76= 0.17  50%city 50%highway
呵呵 最近的油耗 full city RM77.40 = 387.8km   0.19

25/5- 第一次SERVICE后打油走了430KM,添油RM89.30, 47LITERS。平均0.21/KM。还是jackly183的BOLD厉害能做到0。18。

用了啦啦一星期,打了RM150的油,跑了850KM (70%highway, 20% 州际公路,10% City). 油耗看起来还好。


报告一下,上个周末做了5k service花了RM155.50大元。Shell engine oil 10w/40, oil filter和一支洗引擎的东东。之前的油耗记录是最高RM0.26,最低RM0.205, 70% highway, 30% city。一直都是打petronas...

nkw10977 (Bold Manual)
第一次, 打RM85,meter 写还剩75KM,到最后走了400KM。
第三次,打了RM100,meter已经闪了 还走了30KM。现在还在进行中。
没天都是95%塞车,塞车热点,greenlane,lorong batu lanchang,从greenlane到bayan lepas phase4。

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恭喜LZ开新楼 。。我也蛮喜欢这辆车的

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(posted by mobile)

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这辆车没有Paddle Shift和+-波对不对?

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恭喜开新楼~~~~留个脚印,然后继续关注 CFE 的faulty 进展~~

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这辆车没有Paddle Shift和+-波对不对?
刘璃 发表于 4-3-2012 12:30 AM


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这辆车没有Paddle Shift和+-波对不对?
刘璃 发表于 4-3-2012 12:30 AM

   exora bold 没有~~P321A 最贵那个就应该有~~

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lz 恭喜! 耗油怎样??

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v8888 发表于 4-3-2012 12:33 AM


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刘璃 发表于 4-3-2012 12:47 AM


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891108 发表于 4-3-2012 12:51 AM

   没有6SPD Manual MT+CFE只是浮云

看来Thomas Lim被禁言你真的很高兴

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没有6SPD Manual MT+CFE只是浮云

看来Thomas Lim被禁言你真的很高兴
刘璃 发表于 4-3-2012 12:54 AM


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